The spirit of OBERFORZ finds balance in a dualistic approach of mother-daughter team, Anna and Lana. Toronto based brand established in 2018, upon the idea that fashion should not only EMPOWER WOMEN — it should INSPIRE WOMEN, too.

The fabulous power duo, make their creations for women who value age-less feminine chic, flattering silhouettes and intricate lace with uncompromising comfort. It's time to STEP UP YOUR STYLE, create your own identity, and PUMP UP THE VOLUME.


Right from the start, everything about OBERFORZ, from the clothes to the core values, is thoughtful and driven solely by what feels right. We wish to share with you our process from inspiration to the final product arriving at your door.


Every design starts with a spark of inspiration. From there, all the ideas are clarified through a process of research, sketch, reworking, and refinement. Our moodboards are our best friends so we get pinning right away and watch the boards grow and evolve over the course of the design process.


The entire manufacturing process is done completely in-house, thus giving us the freedom and flexibility to construct and enhance our designs with no delay. Our Toronto office is equipped with every piece of professional tools that allow us to create our designs.


OBERFORZ products are distinguished by an unrivalled attention to craftsmanship and detail. The success of a product is impossible without a kind of technique that stretches back generations combined with a willingness to implement innovation. The act of understanding through making is essential to preserving the QUALITY and IDENTITY of our product.


The OBERFORZ approach combines concept, structure, and tactility - thus the material and visual qualities of the fabric are essential. We take great pride in maintaining a high degree of quality control with great precision to ensure that it feels like an extension of you!


To address sustainability issues, we produce only made-to-order clothing and in limited numbers. We commit to sourcing natural and sustainable fabrics from local suppliers. We also agreed that producing in Toronto and supporting the local garment-making industry is important.


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