We Are Back

On May 12th, Shopify took down all our products with a faint explanation that our products were identified as high-demand items related to the coronavirus pandemic, that might be listed at excessive prices. 

To be absolutely honest this news was heartbreaking but thanks to our wonderful customers - our friends - beautiful souls, who lit us up once again and encouraged us to keep moving forward, past the obstacles with our heads up high because we are 100% confident that our prices are marked very fair and our products are high quality and well made.

After numerous phone conversations with Shopify exports and many submitted email tickets we finally received an apology letter from Shopify Group. As of yesterday, our products are back online and as a business we are stronger and better than before!

From the bottom our our hearts we thank everyone for your kinds words of encouragement and your blessings. No doubt, we are truly all in this TOGETHER! 


Read our email correspondence bellow:


Dear Anya,

We wanted to let you know that we’ve taken down one or more products from your store. These products were automatically identified as high-demand items related to the coronavirus pandemic, such as face masks or hand sanitizers that might be listed at excessive prices. Our Acceptable Use Policy includes Rules of Engagement for the Sale of COVID‑19 Related Products , which state that these products must be fairly priced. Violation of this policy is subject to account termination in our Terms of Service.

We’re working quickly to prevent price gouging in relation to this pandemic, and we apologize if this action was a mistake. If you’d like to continue offering these products for sale on your store, please request a review of these products by responding to this email with one or more of the following:

Evidence that products related to the current coronavirus pandemic are priced fairly. Typically, a product price should not be set at a price higher than what was charged immediately before the Covid-19 outbreak was recognized. To provide evidence of the fair price of a product, provide a link to the online price from a national retail chain in your area. This excludes prices from 3rd party sellers listed in online marketplaces.

Confirmation that you have removed or modified the pricing of the applicable product(s). If your product prices include shipping costs, we recommend you instead set up shipping rates and modify your product price so it reflects fair pricing.

A request that Shopify re-review your products because they’ve been misidentified and are not medical supplies or products related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Once we have received this information, we will manually review your store and inform you whether or not the products may be published.

Please note that if you republish any of the products that have been taken offline without first being reviewed by Shopify, you risk your account being suspended or terminated.

Thank you for helping us keep Shopify a trusted and safe platform.






Dear Shopify,

I would like to appeal your decision to take down our products as I believe our products were estimated incorrectly. We believe our prices are more than fair and very reasonable. Our “pay what you can” model starts from $5, $10 and $15. This is still the cheapest price for fabric masks online, anywhere. 

Just 2 weeks ago our masks were FREE + $5 shipping. We shipped over 3,000 FREE masks in April, and today the $5 price mark is still almost considering that each mask costs us more than $5 to make. FYI, a Shopify guru advised me to set up a “pay what you can” system so we can afford to supply masks for the people in Canada and the US. 

Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable protective face masks, but instead of recognizing the benefit we bring to the people, you threaten to terminate our account. Our business has suffered sufficient damage for 6 consecutive days because you failed to properly assess our products and our prices, yet we continue to pay for your service. This is absolutely unacceptable. Please review our account immediately and respond to my ticket. 

As per your request, I have compiled a list of websites with masks, and as you can see they all charge substantially more money for their masks. 





LIST of product price comparison :

  • https://www.alexandnova.com
  • https://nationltd.com/collections/the-mask
  • https://www.elestory.com/collections/masks
  • https://www.marcellamodanyc.com
  • https://profoundco.com
  • https://aunoir.shop
  • https://aliciagshaw.com
  • https://buymaskcanada.ca
  • https://masquepourvous.com





Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Thank you for your response. We have re-reviewed your account and confirmed that your listed products no longer violate our Acceptable Use Policy. The temporary suspension has been lifted from your account.

We are working quickly to prevent price-gouging in relation to this pandemic and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for your cooperation.





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