THANK YOU for believing in us!

April was a very busy month for us - between the 2 of us, we were able to sew and ship over 3,000 FREE MASKS to people across Canada and the US.

As well, we are very thankful for all the donations from our friends and customers, we raised almost $2,400 through the fundraiser campaign on Facebook, and with this money we were able to purchase more fabrics and elastics so we can sew more masks.

THANK YOU for continuing to support us by liking, sharing and placing orders. Each and every action of support continues to lift our spirits and fuel our inspiration. From the bottom of our HEARTS, thank you! We could not have done this without you! We are all truly in this together! 💕🌸💗

A special THANKS to:


Valentina Itskovich 

Novaira Masood

Summer Meng

Prashant Raj

Alex Walker 

Dany Itskovich

Kristina Tsatskin

Zane Ryder

Mathew Giampa

Digit El

Inna Zakharova 

Andrea Donghello

Hiromi Sawada-Miller

Elicia Daphne Koo

Sergei Dmytriyev

Janet Martin 

Stas Aranush de Krupe

Kahyen C

Ty Wright

Mariana Zibenberg 

Lance Bartlett

Chris Taylor

Michael Vatsko

Lui AF

Olgita Shmolgita

Fernando Acosta

Yoon Bae Kim

Anya K

Oleg Snihur

Anna Elsewhere

Marilyn MK

Steph Williams

Marta Cichocka

Shelly Wasserman

Shreya Somani

Linda Cichocka


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