Giving back to our COMMUNITY

In this time of uncertainty, we're going back to our roots and doing our part to help. Over the past 2 months we worked timelessly to hand make each one of our masks and we donated over 3,000 masks to the general public and hundreds more to the service workers in our communities and to our heroes on the front line across Canada and the US. 

Our commitment to this effort is as bright as ever and we're currently making as many masks as we can. As promised, our shop is back online with 9 different colour options for adult masks and 5 colour options for children’s masks. 

As we shift through the difficult times together, it is more important than ever to find safe ways to connect, that’s why we wish to share with you the positive stories and special moments in our lives. It’s a real honour to be able to contribute in our community and help those in need. 


Royal Columbian Hospital in BC

We donated 30 Masks

Hello! My name is Hyewon and I work as a nurse at Royal Columbian Hospital in BC. Now, health care providers are highly suggested to wear a cloth mask when being outside to minimize transmission. However it is really hard to purchase one..... I would like ask for your support and wondering if you can provide some supply for my unit. I would  really appreciate any amount of mask you can. Also it is totally understandable for you to decline this. (I'm pretty sure you are overwhelmed high demand 😉). I am willing to cover the shipping fee. Please let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. Hope you have a lovely day!


SickKids Hospital in Toronto

We donated 60 Masks

Dear Anya and the Oberforz Team: 

We’re living in challenging and uncertain times. Yet, I am humbled, once more, by the generosity of our donor community, and how quickly our partners and people like you have mobilized to support SickKids patients and staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for Oberforz’s gift- in-kind donation of fabric masks. Your donation will help protect our frontline staff during this crisis. 

At SickKids Foundation, our immediate priority is to help our Hospital be as nimble and effective as possible in the response to COVID-19, while keeping patients, families, and staff safe and well. Donor support like yours is key to this effort. When we move beyond this crisis, we’ll approach the challenge of building the new SickKids with renewed urgency, buoyed by how our community of big-hearted supporters and generous donors helped us get through. 

Your support of SickKids is more important to us than ever. Our heartfelt thanks to you for reaching out and making a difference. 

Best wishes to you, your family, and the people you love for good health and safety. 


Ted Garrard, C.M. Chief Executive Officer 


SickKids Hospital in Toronto Masks for the Children

We donated 60 Masks

Hi Anya,

Hospital is once again incredibly grateful for your support and have made good use of your masks! In particular as the hospital is starting to open back up to “non-emergency” surgeries they will come incredibly handy.

Thankfully the hospital is doing quite well and staff and patients are keeping their spirits up. It helps to know how much community support is holding them up – even from a physical distance – and sending love.

I hope you and your family are also keeping well, Anya. Thank you again for thinking of SickKids!

All the best,

Melissa Jones, Coordinator, Cause Marketing


California Medical Facility-HCAU Unit

We donated 50 Masks

Thank you so much for the masks you are donating to our frontline workers here at the California Medical Facility. The masks that are donated will go directly to the officers and medical staff in need. In reality we should technically have at the very least, three masks for each employee. Droplets can survive for 72 hours on surfaces. So far, every person in the prison and residential units have received one mask. By the end of next month I want all individuals to have three masks. 

I’m trying to work with a few private individuals who have offered to donate 25 masks each month. If you happen to have more available we would be happy to take more. Our unit alone has 152 officers and medical staff. 

We are front line workers and we take care of our inmates here. What we do not want is for our staff to take COVID-19 home with them. We now have three positive cases. I don’t want us to be forgotten. We need more masks and more face shields. 

Paula Gardner, CoordinatorCalifornia Medical Facility-HCAU Unit


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